HLG NYO Sanitizer 0.5oz Travel Size

HLG NYO Sanitizer 0.5oz Travel Size

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HLG NYO (not your ordinary) Sanitizer!
Formulated to sanitize, hydrate, and includes all of the goodness of Vitamin E, Eucalyptus, & Lavender.

0.5oz travel size dropper bottle

🌱Shake vigorously and 1-2 drops only. For topical use only - do not use on face or near eyes. Contains flammable ingredients.

🌱Never worry about dry or cracked hands from using sanitizer again. Our Eucalyptus tincture is infused in Grapeseed oil, a highly moisturizing oil rich in antioxidants. You can’t forget our lavender oil to merry it altogether.

Non-sticky formula contains:
Distilled water
Industrial grade Isopropyl Alcohol
Cosmetic grade Vegetable Glycerin
Grapeseed Oil
Eucalyptus tincture (alcohol+fresh HLG eucalyptus)
And my HLG lavender oil

It’s layered effect shows the very cool density properties of various liquids and oil.

Quit using the store bought gross stuff.