Our skincare brand is known for the best hydrators, but did you know we are also known for our conservation efforts?

For the pollinator and Monarch butterfly enthusiasts, our passion for invertebrate conservation can be seen on our product details, branding, and social media posts. We work with local businesses, schools, environmental groups, and conservation groups to put our goals into action.

Our mission is to raise awareness for migratory and non-migratory species through education in our community. The Monarch butterfly and other pollinators are in a detrimental and sharp decline. Their populations can be helped by eliminating pesticide use, planting host and nectar plants, and spreading the word about restoring their habitat. Hartman Lavender Garden partners with Monarch Joint Venture, a Monarch butterfly conservation group, to provide Common Milkweed seeds and plugs, and provide education materials at local workshops. 

Your product purchases help us host free or reduced-cost local workshops at garden centers and u-pick farms. We also donate directly to MJV and the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. We hope you can join us for a future event! Follow our socials for summer workshop information.